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Proper Warmup Technique

I’ve been using this for warming up shoulders for about 8 months.

It’s pretty simple, and at least the OP is asking. This is one of those times when it’s just better to answer the ? and move on.

Most people just do some kind of cardio, and then stretch. It’s especially important to stretch the areas that you plan on using. So if you were doing total body training, you would more or less limber up all over.

Also evidently research shows that exercise specific warm ups are particularly effective. Like say if your doing box squats, do a set or two maybe with just a bar. Do the moviement your planning to execute with a light weight to activate the muscles your planning to use. Hope that helps.

Sit in the car with heat on, for like…10 minutes in the summer, 15 in the winter. Make sure it’s at full blast and let that body temp rise. Good luck!

There is good evidence for the use of a warm-up prior to various sporting events. Usually, what is recommended is that you build up in an incremental manner to the intensity you want to perform at (although in shorter bouts). This has been shown to increase heart rate, stimulate blood glucose, increase neural drive to musculature etc etc and ultimately, increase the performance in whatever it is you are going to do. Hence why the pyramid style of warm-up most body-builders use is incredibly appropriate. It helps performance (plus helps get volume in at intensities that will still help you out).

If you want a set warm-up that seems to work and is widely applied, use the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for standardized warm-ups prior to 1rep max attempts (you can find that online).

However, as others have said here, what works for someone may not be right for someone else.

There are some who advocate no warm-up, straight into it at the high load. However, this would be risky when you’re lifting a decent load and does go completely against documented evidence for the benefits of an appropriate “warm-up”.

My opinion is just find out what helps you lift harder!!! That’s what its about baby yeah!!!

I do light cardio just 5 mins on the rowing machine.
Foam roll.
static stretching.
mobility drills.
injury prevention techniques. such as YTW’s.
some of my friends think i do far to much but i wanna be able to still powerlift when am 60 :wink:

[quote]kgustafson wrote:
I’ve been using this for warming up shoulders for about 8 months.


Me too bro, and then what ever movement i’m doing, 65% of my working weight, 2 sets 5 to 10 reps

I don’t ever and haven’t done cardio to warmup for anaerobic training.

Most bodybuilders either use no general warm-up or use the shoulder-horn and/or broomstick-stretches/skin-the-cats pre-workout…

Then obviously specific warm-ups for all main exercises…

1 maybe)
405*6-10 or so (top set/work set/whatever)

for example, depending on strength levels and all that…

Of course some keep reps roughly the same on all warm-up/ramp sets. That’s another way.

So, lots of good advice for you Bline about warm-ups for your weightlifting. that should be it for the main content of this thread.

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if you want to know about warmup technique, PM me. peace

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