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Proper Warmup Technique


I see a lot of programs/routines that call for a propper warmup and then neglect to explain what that really means. What do you use for a warm up and what is considered propper warmup technique?


Does this seriously need to be discussed? "Proper warm-up technique" means whatever it takes to get your muscles warm, get into the groove, and get your muscles and joints ready to lift heavy weights without injuring yourself.


Did you really just reply with no useful information? Case and point. Great explination...


I currently do the following circuit 3 times with no rest between exercises, as long a rest as you need between circuits:

BW Squats x 10
Press Ups x 10
Inverted rows x 10
BW Jump squats x 10 (50% effort)

Seems to work pretty well for me, it gets the heart rate going and prepares my whole body for the session.


There's nothing set in stone for how to warm up, general theory is whatever it takes to get your muscles warm and ready to lift the weight.

Most popular is 5 minutes of easy cardio. then a few light sets of what your going to do.

I find Bands to be very good for warm ups and preparing your body different ranges of motion.


It was, actually. What more explanation do you need?


i generally do 20 mins of yoga stretching, jog to the gym (2 blocks) and then light weights


haha not gonna lie itchys explanation was all you need, everybodys different so do whatever it is you need to do do achieve the things itchy mentioned usually some light cardio and light warmups of the excercise youre about to do is sufficient


My apologies to Itchy... looks like I'll have to experiment some and find what works for me. Thanks for the guidelines guys.




1) You have an attitude. A bad one.

2) The reply was exactly correct. The reason authors don't specify is because what is proper warmup for one individual may be either ridiculous overkill for another, or not enough; or too much time at heavier weights and not enough at lighter, or vice-versa.

If you can't tell for yourself what is a proper warmup for you then God help you. Certainly no one who has never even met you can do so.

There are more specific aspects or questions you could ask such as what do varying people do and why do they do it that way, but as for a general question of "What is a proper warmup" Itchy already gave you as general an answer as is possible.

Any person who wrote what you were looking for -- a specific routine -- would be a fool who didn't understand that different people have different needs and requirements in this regard.


I'm all for talking about stuff that doesn't need to be talked about.

Your warm-up is going to depend upon what you are training in a particular day. General guidelines:

Get the joints moving through their entire range of motion up a dozen or so times. Think jumping jacks, seal jumps, prizoner squats, small to large forward and back arm swings, legs swings with hip openners, walking lunges with knee hugs, etc....

Consider some dynamic flexibility work such as frankenstiens leg kicks, lunges with upper body twists, walking quad pulls, etc....

From there, depending on what you are training, do structural balance work (rotator cuff, scapula retractions, terminal knee extension, etc...), mobility work (wall slides - see Cressey's articles), and activation work (wall knee drives, glute fire hyrdants, etc...).

If it's leg day, you could also do some technique work like walking A's, alternating single leg pogo hops with dorsi flexion, tiger paws, etc...

On my power clean day I'll do a lot of glute activation work because I don't have enough hip drive when I clean.

Some people swear by skipping on speed days because the motion has a small plyo effect and it does seem to fire-up the nervous system.

The reality is, it's hard to go wrong with a warm-up so long as it get the blood flowing and the muscles warm.


I would disagree here. I've seen people pull hamstrings, pecs, and grions because they didn't warm-up correctly or sufficiently. Lifting weights is not a contact sport so there's very few chances for someone to injure themselves, yet we see it all the time.

The OP may be trying to ask a serious question but lack the sufficient knowledge to know what to ask. Or he may be looking to be kicked around of asking a stupid question.


What I do as a proper warm-up technique is to sit in my truck blasting Trance Generators' "Wildstyle Generation (Yoji Remix)" and go off for like 20 minutes with some glow-sticks. I mean seriously come on. I thought this was a bodybuilding forum, not the beginners section.


You dare go against Roberto?


How do you know these pulled muscles were a result of improper warm up?

And if they were, possibly the person was just lazy and didn't warm up at all?


As do 90% of the people who post here. lol. That is why I apologized. I was out of line. Itchy was correct, it is a very general thing. Should have asked a different question.

I did get some good ideas to try from the other posters though and that's more what i was looking for. The post title does sound too rigid in retrospect. Forgive me.


I just don't agree that everyone knows what a proper warm-up is. I agree with a lot of what he says though.


Wow, judging by your av I'd suspect you were more of a badass. You know, warming up by breaking cinderblocks with your head or somthing. Don't judge a book...


I can only comment that I've seen a coorelation between an insuccifient warm-up and muscle pulls when lifting.

But linguistically you are accurate - not warming up doesn't cause muscle pulls, lifting when not properly warm-up can.