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Proper Warm-Up and Cardio

I need advice on a proper warm up for days i lift and a proper cardio regime while attempting to gain size and strength.

I have currently been running one mile everyday in under 6 minutes before i lift and i think it is making me weaker and stalling my progress.

I recently lost about 10 lbs of fat that i gained while undergoing a see food diet in attempt to gain mass.

I then started eating clean and the fat came right off. So, i guess you can say i don’t gain fat very easily. Only when im eating 6000-7000 calories a day of hotwings and pizza and crap, which is what i did to gain the 10 pounds of fat.

Ill attach a picture to show you where I am at now and any advice would be appreciated.

Please help me since i want to get big and become strong!

Drop some cash and pick up Inside Out by Robertson and Magnificent Mobility by Cressey and Robertson. They’re both in the Biotest store, and they’ll cover all your warm up needs. Also, for cardio, try doing some HIT on your off days instead of doing steady state work.