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Proper Use of Test Suspension


I've never seen Test Suspension as the base test in any decent cycle, but it seems very popular for spot use before say powerlifting meets or prior to other athletic competitions. For me, I am considering using it prior to grappling meets and possibly practices. I'm on a standard 10 week test e cycle right now. What would be an appropriate "spot" test suspension dose and how long before the meet or competion would one inject it?


50mg 40 minutes before whatever you are using it for is a good place to start. I'd try it out beforehand because it hurts like a bitch.


I have used TNE (oil based suspension) and it was painless. I used 50mg the morning of a powerlifting meet, and it was good. Nice kick that lasted all day.

I personally will be using 100mg next time, but 50mg is plenty to start with. Also, d-bol pre competition would be good.


Might be a dumb question, but if it's water based, does it have to be stored in the fridge?


No, just shake it up for it to mix better. It probably wouldn't hurt to hold it under some hot water before your inject either btw...


Using a blow dryer may work better-and you wont have to soak it with water