Proper Use of HRX and Carbolin 19 Together

Hey Guys…

In the article below cosgrove mentioned:

"By now I think you understand that the goal is fat loss, so pop two capsules of HOT-ROX Extreme twice a day. Take them as soon as you wake up and no later than 1 PM. If I take them past that, I’m not sleeping. And you won’t like me when I’m not sleeping.

In terms of a PM supplement, go ahead and take an additional full serving of Carbolin 19."

Does you mean taking two HOT-ROX doses (2 caps each) and one Carbolin 19 dosage (not sure by the bottle if this means one or two caps?)

Please clarify this for me if you could…


Basically, you’d take two servings of HRX daily and one dose of Carbolin 19. So your daily routine may look like this:

7:00 Wake up, 1 dose of HRX
13:00 Dose #2 of HRX
19:00 Carbolin 19 dose

A dose of HRX is either 1 or 2 capsules, same with Carbolin 19.

Does Carbolin 19 have any tell tale signs your using too much? Like with HRX I can tell I feel too wired…anything with Carbolin 19?


I don’t know if there are any tell tale signs of using too much, but I do recall J-J/Brook, IIRC, that Carbolin 19 at doses of 80-100mg/day is one of his favorite supplements.

I doubt you’d be going over 100mg/day with 4 HRX and 2 Carbolin 19 capsules/day. I could very well be wrong, though.

All of that said, I think you’ll be fine, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the results if training and diet is dialed in.

I think there have no side effects been reported even for much higher doses. It’s absolutely no proplem following the protocol outlines in eat_lift_slepp’s post.