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Proper Strength Regiment - Advice


What do you guys think of having a set up like this

train 4 days per week

  • Mon - Strength focused Upper Body
    Tues - Hypertrophy focused Lower Body
    Thurs - Hypertrophy focused Upper Body
  • Sat - Strength focused Lower Body

  • Week 1 - Heavy Upper Body movement (Press or Bench Press) &
    Light Lower Body movement (Deadlift/Squat)

  • Week 2 - Moderate Upper Body & Moderate Lower Body movement

  • Week 3 - Light Upper Body & Heavy Lower Body movement

  • Week 4 - Moderate Upper Body movement & Moderate Lower Body movement

  • Week 5 - Heavy Upper Body movement & Light Lower Body movement

I tried to keep it simple and use common sense. Let me know if you guys think this is a smart approach or anything else.


why not just do 5/3/1? The truth is you can do strength and hypertrophy work in the same session, and doing strength work first in the session will not interfere with the hypertrophy work that follows




Looks like layne Nortens program


Your thread title says strength but why are you including hypertrophy? If you want to focus solely on strength, train heavy and train frequently.


I kindly disagree tenfold. When I ran 5/3/1 I was so toasted after max rep set, all assistance high rep work suffered for it.


I don't understand all the asterisk specifications. Why would you do a "light" movement on a strength day? Doesn't compute. In any case, I think you should go.

Upper power
Lower power
Upper hypertrophy
Lower hypertrophy

Or even a 5 day split

Upper power
Lower power
chest/delts/tris hypertrophy
back/bis hypertrophy
leg hypertrophy


What assistance work scheme did you follow? I fully understand if you were doing the boring but big version with the 5x10 on main lift for the day. But there's lots of ways to get hypertrophy work in after the main lifts that shouldn't be too taxing.

Were you doing light leg extensions, leg curls, lateral raises, triceps extensions etc, or something more complicated?

My only point was, and in keeping with the spirit of 5/3/1 since there are no strict guidelines for assistance work, if you do the main lifts progression you will get stronger. Since that only amounts to 3 work sets each training day, there is some time to do hypertrophy work. Intensity and volume could be varied arbitrarily


I feel like if a trainee is wants to train for strength and size, it's better to cycle focusing on one at a time. You can do whatever you want in a training session but the important thing is what is the net result?


So I want to gain strength and size at the same time and I feel like that's a strong theme in tmuscle. I'm rehabbing a knee injury (patellar tendon) so squats are being added slowly, but single leg exercises don't cause pain.

Monday (Strength Upper Body. Heavy Weights)
Press [135 1X3][145 1X3][155 1X2][145 5X3]
Neutral Grip Chin Ups 45 4X6
JM Press 135 4X6
Horizontal Rows 100 4X8 (Paused Reps)
Preacher Curls 50 3x10 (Paused Rep Ecc-to-Conc)

Tuesday (Hypertrophy Lower Body)
Squat (Only in the bar 3X10)
Front Squat Style Split Squat 135 4X8
RDL 225 4x8
Hamstring Curls 3X10

Thursday (Hypertrophy Upper Body)
Incline Neutral DB Press 80 4X8 (Alternate)
Pull Ups BW 4X15 (Alternate)
Dips 62LBS 4X10
DB Rows 100 4X8
Standing Curls [60 4X8]

Saturday (Strength Lower Body. Light Weights)
Deadlift 295 5X5
Leg Raises 3X10
Calf Raises 1X15, 3X8
Squat BAR 3X10

And so the next week, I would go Moderate Weights on Mon and Sat.
Then Light on Mon and Heavy on Sat.
Then Moderate Weights on Mon and Sat
Then Heavy on Mon and Light on Sat and so on.....