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Proper Sports Nutrition, Help!

Hey Guys and Gals,

I enjoy lifting, I really do. And I want to continually make gain through the soccer season, which is why i ask…

What do you suggest for sports nutrition?

Here’s my percieved rundown of things. I weigh about 175lbs at 5’9 at 15-18%bf. I currently eat a 600 calories meal (P+F) about 1 hours before soccer traning. I then consume a 500-700 calorie drink during soccer, and another 400 calories drink pwo. I eat again 3 hours later. So it looks something like this…

530pm - 600 (P+F)
630pm-9ish - 500-600 (P+C)
9ish - 400 (P+C)
1030pm - 500 P+F
Bed (12ish) - 150 P+F

My daily total is about 4200 for the day. I was curious about everyone elses opinion, seeing as how i have only been eating healthy consistently for about 3 months. Thanks



glen, I would suggest checking this thread out, http://beta.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1518229 . It’s a pretty comprehensive look at Biotest products and their intended uses.

Take care,


Thanks, but I’m looking for information regarding macronutrient breakdown rather then supplementation.

[quote]glenmowen wrote:
Thanks, but I’m looking for information regarding macronutrient breakdown rather then supplementation.[/quote]

Dang glen, I apologize. I incorrectly thought you wanted info on stacks combined with your nutrition. Ok, 4,200 cals per day to me seems quite large intake. However, like you said, you are lifting and playing soccer so, for the most part it’s justified high calorie consumption.

My opinion is you are going to have to find the sweet spot in that high calorie range which keeps you fueled for your activity while providing enough macros for muscle growth with as little fat gain as possible.

As there are many variables in finding that sweet spot from one person to another, I would say keep it at the 4,200 for awhile and if you find it’s working keep it there. If you are getting to fat drop a few hundred calories, if you are losing muscle add it even higher.

Hope that offers better insight to your question.

Take care,