Proper Setup for Beyond?

Hey Jim.

When using beyond programming with squat/bench & deadlift/press alternating every other day or so, would this kind of approach make any sense:

Squat TMxPR, Jokers, Down Sets
Bench TMx1, Down Sets
Deadlift TMxPR, Jokers, Down Sets
Press TMx1, Down Sets
Squat TMx1, Down Sets
Bench TMxPR, Jokers, Down Sets
Deadlift TMx1, Down Sets
Press TMxPR, Jokers, Down Sets
As my training schedule during this summer could be: monday, wednesday, saturday, tuesday, friday, sunday… So my weight room days may vary week to week.

So I would give one lift my full attention and still lift relatively heavy with some good volume on the other lift. This way I would cover the weeks that I can only go to gym twice and still get some work in with all four lifts.

I know you sayd in the book that it’s everyones own adventure but still…

Im sorry if this gets too confusing, not sure if I can explain myself with my bad english.

No, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve written numerous programs with this kind of layout. You need to give the Beyond programming a bit of respect: it is not easy on the body.

Thanks for reply.

How would you program the last template option from your book (number 11 3,2days/week)?

Squat TMxPR etc.
Bench TMx1, no down sets (deload)
and so on. ?

Remember this is ONLY FOR 6 weeks.

Squat - Beyond, NO DOWN SETS
Bench - FSL (5x5)
1-2 assistance lifts

That is how it has been done and what I would recommend.

Thank you Jim for advice!

I really enjoy your programming and appreciate the work you put into it and still take the time to guide guys with tons of questions.

Thank you.