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Proper Reconstitution of IGF

ON hand i Have my IGF dry 1mg in what looks to be about a 3 ml vial (estimate)
I also have this acetic acid

I also have Bac water
slin pins etc are also on hand…
my problem is i cannot find a method of reconstituting with this specific AA %
Do i need to buy a different AA?
Should I not use AA?
and is Mon wed fri at 40 mcg bi lateral a decent dosase (read palumbos thoughts and a fee others)

ive been reading alot of igf im about to start myself and yes u should use the aa but should still mix it 2:1 or 3:1 with bw too just because 20mcgs per side is almost nothing plus the bw kills the pain from the acid… also if ur stacking mgf with ur igf dont inj in the same plunger the aa will kill the mgf!