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Proper Protocol---Ideas

In Light of the recent suggestions regarding finding a partner…

I got out last night to a few parties on campus…determined, like posted in this forum, to meet new people and yuk it up…this school is on tri’s so exams had just ended and everyone was jacked up and partying…anyway…i got to a few different parties…at the one, as i walk in, I notice this girl i see in the gym all the time (one i had my on for some time)…well, everyone is drinking…i am not however (i always pull the beer can filled with water trick to maintain social kosherness while maintaining good bb’ing practices)…i digress, meanwhile, i am talking to a few people and i feel this girls eyes on me…well, about twenty minutes go by and she asks a friend of mine who she must have seen me talking with to introduce me to her…i am like yes…jackpot…so she is like…“you’re the one in the gym with the clipboard etc. etc. you’re real intense…(she is a little buzzed for sure at this point)…she continues to be like yeah you’re intense, i have seen charts you carry around with you etc. etc…” well needless to say, we all jump from that party to another and i figure i got to play this out…well we hung out all night (a group)…she is really pounded.(she doesn’t usually drink)…anyway, she isn’t all over me per se, she talks to a lot of guys the whole night…

as i am leaving the final party at two am..i tell her friend that i am out and it was nice meeting them (her friend was not drinking)..i said here is my IM name and phone number if you guys ever want hooked up at Borders books, let me know..well, as i am leaving, all teh suddent this girl is like where are you going..i am like i am out..she is like "well we'll see you in the gym right"..i was like yeah, and bolted...

anyway, today she is in the gym…i am too…she smiles as we make eye contact…on the way out, she grabs jacket and i am sitting there eating rice cakes…so i strike up generic convo…seems like she is a little shy without the alcohol…she stutters before leaving as if wanting to say “bye” but doesn’t…

well, they are going on spring break tomorrow.
2 questions for the vixens:

  1. is this chick interested: yes or no
  2. what is proper protocol when they get back…just ask the one out already…or try and develop it a little more…
    needles to say i will be working my magic on others while she is gone, as I have dj gigs lined up and usually do well at those
    but this girl is so money…
    let me know vixens

Dude, sorry that I am not a vixen, but you have to go for it. You should already have that chick’s number – although there is still time, it would have been ideal to get it before she went on break, so she would be thinking about whether you would call her and what she would talk about when she got back. Get the digits and ask the little vixen out – move while the window of opportunity is open, and move with confidence. (BTW, when you take her out, talk about other stuff than the gym – she already knows you’re hard-core, and you don’t want her to think you’re obsessed or that you’re too focused on the physical). Good luck.

Now, I’m no vixen, and I’m not even going to offer advice (asides from just ask her out!), but I am an english student, and your post, my friend, was one impressive run-on sentance!

hey rubberman, youre supposed to cap that english and stuff into English. Your sentance was very run onish too you wussie Whats with the English majors? there so damn critical of others grammarificness.

“is this chick interested”… what do you need - a written statement from her :-)). Man, these are probably the most obvious signs you will ever get. There is always a chance that you misinterpret her moves, but - well, that’s the risk in this game. Simply put, if you do nothing you will never find out. ‘Proper protocol’ … this is not your wedding :-)) Ask her out for whatever you feel like. I assume you do some fun-stuff sometimes. Take her along. If you can’t think of anything - take her out for an afternoon coffee or dinner or meet for a late breakfast . The latter can be pretty good since it doesn’t ring the date bells so much (but maybe that’s what she wants to hear - life’s not easy…).

Yeah, she probably likes you and probably was embarrassed about her drunkenness at the same time. Ask her out. And, by the way, please stop eating rice cakes, okay?

Just ask her out already. Sometimes I wonder how any of you guys ever get laid.

Two things. dont eat rice cakes. and add one number to your handle. that would be way cooler.

…you carry a clipboard when you work out?..and you eat rice cakes?..man, if this girl IS interested in you after all that - you’d better ask her out…

First off, I’d say she is definitely interested. Secondly, if she considers you hardcore for carrying a clipboard and eating rice cakes (what the fuck??), make sure you don’t take her around a guy who carries a small notebook and slams recovery shakes after a workout or you’re softcore in her eyes.

like the other folk I would have to agree and say that she is interested, furthermore she seemed to be aight with the idea of you being so freakin hardcore (good sign in my book). Also she works out!!! what the fudge are you waiting for eh?

Couple of things…

  1. Rice Cakes post-workout here folks…for fuck sake, rice cakes eaten post workout have done wonders for my physique…refill muslce glycoge, and get insulin up a bit…i don’t eat friggin 3 bags okay…there is a place for rice cakes during lean gain. Trust me, there can be no one stricter then me on diet…

  2. Screw the english here in these posts…I write enough shit for coursework where i got to correct grammar…i could give a tinkers damn if shit here is a run the muther@%@ on…

  3. I do not carry a clipboard with me in teh gym…i did happen to the one day she saw me as i was using it to ready while doing light cardio on the bike…i was reading a few journal articles.

Damn are we critical.
anyway, for those of you that did post, i appreciate it…I"ll be in touch with another run on about how it goes.

Vain 68

  1. Yes, she’s interested, just a bit embarassed that she got so drunk. 2. Go with the flow, chat for a while again then eithr ask her if she wants to go grab some food, what ever. 3. What’s wrong with a clipboard? It’s better than not keeping a workout log at all, and most people don’t!! 4. Rice cakes? gag

Rice cakes? You ASSHOLE :slight_smile: Anyway, she definately sounds interested to me. Let me know if you need to borrow my infamous SUV… Good luck.

Hey, give the guy a break on the rice cakes. I know they conjure up images of big fat women in spandex so tight you can still see the cottage cheese in their asses giggle as they chew them, and I make fun of my distance-running, non-weight-lifting, low-T roommate all the time for eating them – but Vain is right in that they are extremely high glycemic carbs – he’s just using them instead of malodextrin or some other sugar I presume. Given his previous posts, he seems to know what he’s doing with his diet, so I also assume he’s taking some nice low-carb GROW! along with the rice cakes, and probably some glutamine and other aminos as well. He’s seemingly got his diet and workout stuff down – he just needs to get off his ass and get that little vixen. Peace. Out.

People who don’t carry a clipboard or a notebook to log every rep/set/weight/tut are the ones who typically don’t make any progress since they keep doing the same workout all the time. However, the water in the beer can trick is going tooooo far.

Thanks bra for having my back…I tend to think that i have the diet down…during lean gain, i usually have Seven yes seven rice cakes (Quaker brand, and the ones that are fat free…why get insulin the hell up w/rcakes that have any fat) post workout to refill the glycogen and halt catabolism if at all…The fact that i am rather lean (8.5-9%) allows my body to respond well to the surge of insulin, and becuase of the aminos and ALA, the glucose is cleared from the blood stream rather quickly i would suggest (oh yeah, prior to my 20 short cardio, i take some Citramax to avoid any possible carb spillover (which is not going to happen folks on seven rice cakes). So with the lift, cardio, and citramax (not to mention the other supps post-workout), i would suggest i am priming for pretty good nutrient partitioning…Trust me, I hear everyone on the rice cakes, but post-workout, or carb-load off of keto, they are extremely effective (hell, i used to sit in the change room at the gym with two tablespoons of honey, but that got to be too messy).

As for my diet, if you saw the excel spreadsheet i have kept for a year, i don't think anyone would say too much...let me know if you want to see and I'll figure out a way to post it...(not to mention, i hit the journals once weekly...medline/medscape endocrinology subscriber)

Now to the vixen…everyone seems to think its like “just ask em out” right away…I have no problem doing that, and I have gotten many numbers that way…but the chick was blasted and usually isn’t, plus, i have not confirmed that she has a boy or not…I am a t-bra, but i am not a dickhead neither, nor will i be overly aggressive at parties (i.e., grabbing girls assess and boobies!)…that to me, is unclassy as shit and immature as shit…if it costs me some vixens, then fine…my game is to be flirty, be a player, but not one of those who stops at nothing to get the girl to hookup for frik sakes. I’ll get their number, wine and dine them, and then its their call…i aint playing grab ass all night…i guess if i was drunk, maybe, but i am not about to drink beer and waste all my hard-earned effort in the gym…plus, i don’t like it that much to worry about it…anybody on this forum who bashes rice cakes, but likes to get wasted on brew-ha-has once week is talking out of two assholes:))…

Vain over and out.

why not use glucose and glucose polymers after a workout instead of the rice cakes? it would be a lot easier to transport. And dont be embarrassed that your not drinking. Just drink a diet pepsi or pepsi one. Real tman wouldnt pretend that way. Im really just messing with ya so dont get pissed off. I go to parties all the time with a pepsi one. Its ok. you wont be made fun of. And please change to vain69

Goldie…why 69 besides the obvious…anyway, got to stick to the 68 for Jagr…he was my mentor and hero in hockey, even though he got traded, got to stick to the roots.
Yeah, i guess i could get some polymers, but then again, 7 rice cakies aren’t that hard…also, at the bar i make no bones about the diet coke…but at a party, you can conceal and play drunk, thus possibly making some vixens a little more at ease with you…i have found out that “high intensity/discipline” sometimes make them nervous…once you real em in, then you can let them know bout the lil secret.