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Proper Pre-Workout Nutrition



I was reading some article here the other day (probbly either Berardi's or Barr's) and it strongly recommended a pre workout shake. What kind of shakes would you guys recommed? Carbs/protein ratio and total amount of calories? I tried about 20g of whey, 10g of maltodextrin and about 500g milk, so it was like 35g carbs and 35g protein, but I started feeling very tired and experienced some nausea during my workout. I'm guessing it had something to do with bloodsugar levels or something.

Any input would be appreciated.


I think we'd all recommend Surge to you. If for some reason you don't go w/ Surge, get a 2-1 ratio (this can be changed a little to meet your goals) of carbs to protein and rapidly digested carbs (maltodextrin/glucose) and rapidly digested protein, (hydrosylate).

I've heard of people, (and had clients) that don't seem to respond well to the pre-workout shake (upset stomach) so I have them consume it when finishing w/ the workout. Give PRE a try again and hopefully you'll be ok. If not, do I'd suggest you @ least drink it post.



Instead of a pre-workout shake, I opt for a small meal a couple hours ahead of the workout. Often a little bit of oatmeal, milk and Grow!

This way I don't feel like I have a full stomach when I head to the gym...


this past friday i got serious stomach pain from taking in Surge (one shake pre, during and post,) as instructed by the "S2B" meal plan. i do though attribute this to sitting down in a hunched position playin fight night for 2 hours. post workout. previous times i have done the 3 serving and stayed active (moving around) and had no problems what so ever.


Thanks, I'll give it a try then.