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Proper PCT for 24+ Week Cycle

cycle currently:
dbol week 1-4
hcg week 3-16 500 IU twice a week
test 500 mg week 1-8, 625 mg week 9-16,
arimidex .25 mg eod

Not going to cruise since I want to run PCT and take some time off for a while. But, I am going to extend the cycle another 8-10 weeks so I can do a decent length cut while still on since I have some excess fat. If I do this, should I drop the HCG completely week 17-25 or lower the dose? Also can I start tapering the test dose down to like 250 mg a week starting now? Finally, my previous cycle were always 12 weeks. How would I PCT on a 25 week cycle (28 including clear out time)?

That’s actually the opposite of what you should do. The HCG will make your pct easier so why would you drop it at that time?

Not sure if there was any downside to using hcg for possibly 25 weeks. Wanted to see what people more knowledgeable than me had to say on it. So sounds like I should keep that in. To me, I also feel like it would be ok to drop the test to 250 mg a week when I begin the cut because why keep injecting 625mg when I wont make any gains. Likely would not make them even in a bulk since the receptors would be saturated But can anyone confirm this or agree it should be fine?