Proper Method/Muscle-Specific Warmups

Ok,I’ve been doing the intermediate workout from the Book of Muscle book reviewed on T-jack (great book btw). He mentions muscle specific warmups (namely light sets of the exercise in question). My question is this - do I do a warmup, rest some, do the exercise, then move on to the next exercise and do the same thing? Or do I do ALL the warmups, then all the work sets?

For example, lets say my workout consists of Superset 1 with exercises A and B, and Superset 2 with exercises C and D. Would I:

  1. Do a warmup superset of A and B, rest, then do a work set of A and B, rest, warmup C and D, rest, work C and D?


  1. Warmup A and B, very short rest, warmup C and D, longer rest, work A and B, rest, work C and D?

Which is right? 1 seems more natural, but I figured I’d ask to be sure.

You complete the warmups and supersets for A1/A2 before moving onto the next superset of exercises - warmups and work sets (B1/B2).