Proper Meal After Suurge

Hey guys, I was reading the recommended use of the Surge and I see that it is recommended to eat a meal consisting of 67% carbohydrates and 33% protein 1-2 hours after taking Surge. What would be a good meal consisting of these percentages?

Man honestly thats a suggestion BUT I would make that meal fit your personal self, body comp, and goals. If someone is over fat they are better off to go with something more balance as the next meal Or even something low carb as opposed to some one who is looking to gain weight.

It also matters what your training is like how you personally process macros etc.

Best thing get something in 45-60 minutes later IMO. Base it and every meal on protien first and adjust your carbs, fat etc to your self and your goals.

as for that break down exactly, ??? maybe some oats and fruit and a lean meat source. say a chicken breast 8 oz or so roughly 240 cals. a large apple 100 cals, cup of oats 300 cals thats close. More like 65% 37% but you get the pic

hope that helps,


assuming you’re looking for muscle gain (per the instructions), this would be the time to get some mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, etc in your meal, with some protein (wild salmon, chicken breast, extra lean ground beef, eggs, etc).

Thanks a lot guys, this really helps.