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Proper Iodoral Dosage


Hi Guys,

I read the Thyroid sticky and I'm confused about the dosage of Idodral. I have Iodoral which consists of Idoine - 5mg and Iodide (as potassium salt) 7.5mg which comes to 12.5mg for Total Iodine/Iodide.

Am I supposed to take 50mg (4 pills) or just one pill daily?

Thanks for your help!


4 is for "loading", if you can tolerate it. Some folks can't tolerate the full 50mg/day - GI issues, etc.. Personally, I did one tablet in the AM and one in the PM for a month - 6 weeks. Now I take a 1/2 tablet in the AM daily.


Isn't 1/2 tablet daily dangerous?

KSMan said that he didn't recommend that high of a dose once you get past the loading stage. And there are people who after a while develop problems (hypo/hyperthyroidism) due to high dosage in iodine.

Think he said he takes a half a tab every two weeks.


Oh boy. How long is the loading stage suppose to last? 6 weeks? How do you know when to stop?


Directly from the sticky about thyroid by KSMan

So 50mg/day for two weeks for IR. Or, if symptoms occur from the high dosage during IR, one can prolong the IR phase by taking a smaller dosage or taking days off.

After that is just maintenance, during which a total of 12.5mg/month is fine. So half a tab every two weeks.