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Proper Interval Training


I've been exercising for about a year now and have dropped 60 lbs of fat, but having a hard time now dropping further. I had been mixing strength training with running, mostly aerobic long distance. Now after reading articles and such I'm trying to focus more on interval training for the days I'm not doing strength training.

My question has to do with the 12 minute jog I do before starting intervals, I use it to warm up a bit and get my Heart Rate Up. Then follow with 20 minutes of intervals and a 10-15 minute active recovery period of walking. I posted the download of my Heart Rate and would like some feedback from the experts if this is ok or could it be improved.


I'm not sure exactly what the question is. Are you concerned about your heart rate being too high or too low during your 12 minute warm up? 140 seems fine to me, but typically I would only warm up with something like a 5 minute jog or some dynamic stretching if I am going to do interval training.

As a side note, have you seen this article:

Congratulations on the fat loss, but the lower your body fat gets the harder it will be to continue dropping weight. I think it's probably a better option to take a look at your diet rather than trying to overdo it with extra cardio.


You MUST keep your heart rate at 81.674592385% for the entire workout or you'll never make progress