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proper gym behavior

There’s this one girl who I always see in the gym, she has a great ass, great legs and always wears super-tight black spandex pants. This would be o.k. if it weren’t for the fact that she always uses that butt machine-you know, the one where you get down on all fours and push the weight up with one leg? Well she does this every day. She wears no underwear, and she keeps looking behind her, and gets a kick out of seeing about a dozen guys staring at her clamburger surrounded by two buns. Would it be bad manners if I had a penile eruption, but held it in to let the pressure build, then secretly shoot it ten feet from the leg extension machine where I am to her clamburger without her knowing? It might be a dead giveaway if, while she’s walking out, it appears ten people used the ass-end of her spandex pants to blow their noses.

in situations such as these go with your heart… rememmber you can never go wrong when going with good intentions… hehe

I see nothing wrong with such behavior. I hope your aim is that good, don’t hit her in the face.

U should get to know her, & spank her wet poon really gooooood.

I’m w/ GARDENPARTY on this one. Get to know her…it may be true love. (Which according to Nate Dogg means she let you stick it in her ass :wink:

Android you are one sick son of a bitch and I find your post offensive. Do you think that just because a girl is hot she’s “Begging for it”? Do you think she secretly wants to be a cock holster for ten guys? Do you think she wants to be gangbanged by juiced up monsters with small penises? No she wants Jared Fogles mighty ramrod in her ass.