Proper Frequency for Anastrozole Dosing

I’m on TRT injections, 150 test crypt/week split dose. My doctor believes my estrogen is creeping up a bit too much based on labs, and wants me to take 1mg a week of Anastrozole and recheck labs in 3 months.

My doctor prescribed that I take a 1mg Anastrozole pill once a week? When I look at the half life of the drug, i’m quite perplexed as the half life is roughly 50 hours. In my mind, it would make more since to take .5mg twice a week.

Anyways, so on my own accord ((unless others argue otherwise)) I want to split my pills in half and take them bi-weekly. Problem is – according to my Pharmacist, they are “film” coated and shouldn’t be split.

Does this not really matter… since its not time released right? What is the purpose of the film coating then? To prevent oxidization of the medicine so its potency does not degrade? Even if its the case – if I split the pill and the second half is taken 3.5 days later… is that really enough to significantly affect the potency of the drug?

If it matters these Anastrozole tables are white, circles, with marking AHI. Here is the specific pill.

The proper dosage frequency is to throw it right into the trash. Unless you are genetically prone to gynecomastia you have no reason to fear high E2. It is protective. Put your labs up.


Taking twice a week injections especially means you’d want to dose the AI twice weekly. Try crushing the pill and dissolving it in vodka.

How high is your estrogen? What negative effects are you having from it? There are many folks that don’t have any negative effects from high estrogen. I guarantee you whatever he is saying is high is likely half of what mine in.

NH-Watts – appreciate the chiming in. I admit I was hoping to steer this away from a personal discussion vs the med overall, but I hear your point on estrogen not being a bad thing.

Recent Estradiol Sensitive is 41.2 pg/ml in a range of 8-35 from LabCorp. I was getting some serious nipple sensitivity but no obvious gyno. Just the movement of my dress shirt across my nipple while typing at computer…was weirdly intense. Even the seat-belt from my car made my right nipple…so, so, sensitive. Also, probably had a bit of extra fluid retention in the ankles.

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See below. My post had to be approved first, so it took a while.

how would you know youre genetically prone to gyno?

Here’s my E2. I’ve had gyno and had it removed. It takes a while to develop. Feeling in your nipples is not much of an indicator of gyno. A good indicator is when your areola starts protruding and acting like it’s own nipple. I took an AI for a while because I was scared of gyno and all the E2 symptoms I read and it lead to a lot of problems. Just be careful. If you’re feeling good a great way to change that is to start an AI. Remember higher testosterone requires higher estrogen in many people.

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How long have you been injecting?

You don’t. There are no tests as far as I know. But you shouldn’t take a drug like anastrozole just in case. TT goes up, E2 goes up. There are some doctors that won’t even measure E2 anymore because they feel the higher the better as long as your FT is good and you don’t have symptoms.

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If the only symptom you have is some nipple sensitivity then 10mg of Nolva twice a week will do enough to prevent gyno while not destroy your e2. Your number is not that high unless your test levels are pretty low (which i assume they are not since you’re on trt).


Libido crashed on the Anastrozole 1mg/week. You guys were right. The doctor was wrong. The anastrozole should never of been used. Maybe need to find a new one…

I have had recent labs, and my doctor agreed that it should be stopped. Based on the below labs — how long would you expect it to take for my estrogen to recover? Pretty distressed with libido in the absolute garbage and its very bad timing for a blooming relationship. Numbers on left are obviously from 23 October, numbers on the right are from a month before ((before the anastrozle was taken)).

Purely a guess, a lot of moving parts in play, you should be feeling better in two to four weeks.

I drank a beer or two before bed for a week the second time I crashed my E2 and I felt better in half the time.

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AI’s combined with inept doctors and dose jumpings costed me almost 4 years of torment(still ongoing) and loss of a woman that I still love, but unfortunately will never get back.

Save yourself, stay the fck away from AI’s. It sounds like an easy fix, but it will destroy you and your close ones more than high E2 could ever have.

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Thanks for the input. Its been a week and I may be a bit better, but not a ton.

Thanks for the beer tip. Makes sense with the hops being a pseudo estrogen.

Meisterxx97, appreciate the input and yes – I’m done with AIs. This last month has been a disaster and may really harm an ongoing early relationship. I’m very sorry how things unfolded for you in that regard as well.

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My estrogen crash appears to be correlated with a major drop in sleep quality.

I have been searching all over, but I can’t find this as a known issue with low estrogen. Does anyone know if its common/the case?

Your TSH could be part of the problem, TSH is too high and I see that no actual free thyroid hormones were ever tested.

TSH is known to be a poor biomarker by itself, ft3 speeds up metabolism and drives organ function (heart, brain) including the livers ability to excrete estrogen.

If the balance between fT3 and rT3 is off, it could negate fT3’s action on T3 receptors and see a rise in TSH. At the very least you could have subclinical hypothyroidism.

There is a difference between normal thyroid function and optimal thyroid function, you’ll see TSH <1.5 in perfectly healthy people. Once TSH starts climbing higher, thyroid problems are in the making and the severity become blurry when looking at only TSH.