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Proper Form For Seated Military Press


I need to put some mass on my shoulders, which I figure means plenty of Seated 'Military' Barbell Shoulder Presses.

What's the correct form? Lower behind or in front of head? If in front, how low down? And should you lock the elbows at the top of the motion or not?

Cheers guys.


Do standing behind the neck, and as far as locking out...no.. keep tension on your shoulders through-out the set.



Seated, standing, it doesn't matter shoulder-wise, the difference is in the use of your core muscles. Even when sitting down, you can either lean your back against the backrest or not.

Once you get huge weight on the bar, doing it standing up will be harder and harder, keep that in mind. But that won't be for a while, so just find whichever one you like most. I like seated, with back rested. I get enough core work already.


Just to re-iterate what has been said:
-"Miltaries" are done to the front, unless 'behind the neck' is specified.

-Bring it down to the collarbones, similar to a front pulldown.

-To keep tension on the delts, I'd go just short of lockout.

Also, just be wary of seated presses. Sometimes, it's tempting to turn them into accidental incline presses. So, count that as a vote for standing, instead of sitting. Plus, when standing, you can throw in some push presses or jerks to get out an extra rep or 3 to extend the set, as well as handle slightly heavier weights.


Well said, nothing to add to that except maybe hand spacing...DON'T GO TOO WIDE!! When the bar is at your collar bones, your index finger knuckles should be in line with the outside of your shoulder.