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Proper Dose of ALA (r-la)

Do you possese any effects when you increase the dosage of R-ala let’s say up to 900-100 mgs. (im not talking about regular ALA,resemic has the tendency to builup to much acidity in the stomach) So what do people think ???

I don’t see why you’d ever need to take more than 300mg. 400mg tops.

wel yu no i nevr rilly tried that stuf b4 but i thiNk that it’s prolly a gud idia cuz hey mores better rite? giv ita shot n c whut yu think about it b sur 2 post your resultzz bak here as wll ok?

do a search for r-ala, there are some good reads.

check out this link:

cut and paste from that link, posted by Christian Thibaudeau :

Christian Thibaudeau
11:13 AM

With r-ala, 100mg is sufficient for a regular meal. 200mg for a big carbs meal and 300mg for a post-workout meal. Although some peoples will use a bit more than that I don’t feel that it’s necessary, powerful stuff! "

Last year I was bulking and eating 700g+ carbs a day, mostly sugar…I would take about 1.6g r-ALA throughout the day and did not gain much fat at all. I love this stuff, can’t wait for mine to come in the mail. When is Biotest going to make it???

Char, I see you’ve finally succumbed. Welcome to the dark side.

tHnk u ZV. I been tryn rEel hrd 2 git muh spllin n shit up to a lebbl wher i possese sum gud cenz.

aLLL taht proofn stuf is feR sissyss.