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proper dosage for Surge

Guys. need some advice from you QUICK, before the VIP sale is over tonight. I have heard excellent things about Surge, and want to give it a try. I’ve been working out for a few months now, very seriously, and eating clean, and making good gains. However, recently, I definitely feel I’ve hit a plateau. My workout level is still as hard as before, but I’m not seeing anything happen. I’ve been told by other t-maggers that in this case, Surge helps break through the plateau. So, I want to take advantage of the sale that end today. But I just found out that one 2 lb container of Surge only lasts for about 10 servings (if you use the recommonded 2 scoops per serving). Even though I’m seriously tight on money, Iwas willing to buy two containers. But even then the product will only last me 3 weeks. What if I were to use only ONE scoop after my workouts, thereby helping me save money? Would I significantly compromise my post recovery? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank a lot.

I’d use it at full dosage. And remember you only need it after weight training, so you won’t need it every day. One bottle should last 2 and a half weeks if you train 4 times a week, which happens to be the most recommended split if you’ve read all the T-mag articles.

Once you taste Surge you will want to drink it just for the taste, at least I do. When I read your post, though, I thought you might want to make sure you are changing your workout frequently. Read either the Ian King Cheat Sheets or Charles Poliquin basic principles and make sure you are training correctly if you have hit a plateu. If you have been doing about the same stuff for 3 months, maybe changing weights, exercises, order, etc. go with something completely different for a while, say pure strength training, O-lifting, Renegade training, etc. That should give your muscles a nice stimulus and break that plateu. Surge will help, too. Jeff

Surge is great but it isn’t a magic bullet. What about your training? Are you still using EDT? If so, maybe it’s time to start something new. John Berardi would be the first person to tell if you that if your diet is good and you’ve hit a plateau, it’s most likely your training that you must address.

How big of a guy/girl are you? Depending on your size, you may need more or less than the recommended serving size. Check out some of John Berardi’s articles on post workout nutrition to determine what you really need…from there, I would recommend that you either go with Surge, buy your own mixture from the Protein factory until you can afford Surge, or use Surge in conjunction with bulk powders from the Protein factory to meet your post-workout needs.

I will echo the statements of those here, as well as reaffirm that Surge is, in fact, ridiculously tasty.