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Proper Dosage for Stack? And Gyno Concern


Test C/250mg per ml/ 1.5 ml every three days.
Anadrol 25mg/ two 25mg tablet every day.
Two caps erase pro(OTC AI) every day.
Four weeks in on a 12 week bulking cycle.

I’m new to T Nation,Anabolics,and even lifting. All dosage suggestions appreciated.

This morning I have replaced the OCT AI with the SERM.
Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg/ one 20mg tablet every day
I know OTC is a dumb ass move now. I’ve researched that and AI is useless in preventing gyno when using drol and that a serm is the way to go.Anyways while using the erase pro about 3 weeks in I lost the rest of the bottle, and that’s where I found out about nolva. So I’ve been without any hormone regulating suppliment for about 5or6 days until this morning. During that time i dropped the Drol. Since this happened my nips have been hurting and lactating just a small droplet of clear fluid when squeezed. Even my cotton T rubbing against my nips is irritating. I have always had mild gyno from puberty. But now Chest is slightly bigger and firmer(I’m guessing gains under chest fat) and nips seem to pertrude a little more. So if anyone can give me pointers on this stack, and how this tamoxifen is gonna work for my sweater yams. Plz let me know.


You really need to do blood work. Your estrogen (E2) is probably sky high. You need Anastrozole. I can see no good coming from this cycle you are currently running without having your E2 in check… You are running like 800mg per week without a legit AI, that’s insane.


If I were you, I would stop and go into pct. Next time take Anastrozole with every Test injection. Research how much to take. Also cut the T back to like 500mg per week. I know it sucks, but believe me it is probably best to just stop before your tits get any bigger. You may think it’s muscle gains in your chest but it is very likely to be gyno breast tissue which is only removable by surgery. Take it from someone that had pubertal gyno and I made it worse by doing dumb cycles. I’ve had gyno removal surgery already too.


Yes thanks for the knowledge man. I am going tomorrow to get blood work done defenatly while i have the time. And would u say tamoxifen(nolva) is low medium or high strength serm. Im going to see if anastrozole will be a possibility for me. How did your gyno surgery go for you?


You can get private lab work at privatemdlabs.com depending on where you live.

My surgery went well. My estrogen was still naturally high after the surgery and gyno started coming back