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Proper Deload in 5/3/1

This is a question that may have been answered, but in my reading, I never came across it.

When doing week 4 (deload week) of 5/3/1 I understand that you cut back to 40,50, then 60% of the main lift. My question is, do you also cut back on the assistance work too? or just go with the same weight/rep scheme as normal. 5 sets of 10-15 reps.

Any input is greatly appreciated!!

Copied and pasted from the Q&A section P73.

Question: During the deload week, do I deload the assistance work too?
Answer: If youâ??re deloading, DELOAD! Cut back on everything and let your body rest and recover.

Personally I cut the weight and reps way back and just go through the motions.

thanks for the help man! much appreciated!