Proper Carb/Protein/Fat Ratio?

I’m current a bulking ectomorph but wanting to stay lean for summer. I’m currently 187 ish and heavier than i’ve ever been, making great gains. MY GOAL is to get to 210, and cut down to a lean 200. So there’s my problem. I don’t want to cut now for fear of losing my great progress, instead i’d rather continue to make small gains.

Anyways i’m getting a little off topic. My question is for several scenarios. What is the ideal (i know its different for everyone, but your opinion) ratio of calorie percentage of carb/protein/fat for

a) My scenario. Bulking but midsection has not taken a backseat
b) Bulking. Getting all the weight you can get without turning obese
c) Cutting but wanting to keep most mass
d) Cutting and just getting shredded.

I don’t know if you guys can answer that, but i hope you got some input. Thanks guys

Have you had a look at this article?

Maybe it will help.