Proper Bench/Incline Press Position

When I am doing bench presses and I’m sure it will apply to Incline press as well it seems like when I have reached my limit on a set it’s due to soreness\fatigue\muscle ache in my upper forearms and biceps, essentially the elbow area. I don’t feel like I am working my chest muscles like I want to be, which is my goal.

Should I widen my grip? (I am at our wider than my shoulder width).

Is it posture?

Any other chest building exercises I could do instead?

If it matters I usually have done 3X8 of military press and rows before I do bench.



The wider the grip the more focus is on the pectorials (chest). A narrow or close grip the more focus on triceps and deltoids. People can usually bench more with a closer grip due to the triceps and delts kicking in.

Mix it up and try doing your bench sometimes before your military presses you will be much stronger on the lift. I too used to get an aching in my elbows when benching heavy. Lots of Flameout, BCAA’s, and Alpha Male have helped with this.

Good luck,


You should also try Long pauses on the chest as well (4-6 seconds) then explode really loads the chest up. Stay tight the whole time will also teach you to keep upper back taunt.