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Proper Attire - Wedding


I'm going to my friend's wedding next Szturday, and I have no idea how to dress for such an occasion. The last time I went to one, I was 3, and had the most pimp mini-tux allowed by law.

I'm not a part of the wedding. All pictures will be of various blackmailing-type activities.

Do I rent a suit, nice blue jeans, dress shoes and a tee? I don't fucking know.


If I were you, I would just wear a nice pair of khakis and a button down shirt with some black leather shoes.


unless it states, semi-formal or something, go with the suit.


Two-button suit, no vest. 100% Italian linen if its going to be hot, otherwise wool. Tie could be optional, depending on how formal the whole thing is. White shirt, dark tie, light-colored suit (light brown, blue, gray), shoes/belt that match the tie's color and socks that match the suit-simple and effective. You wanna fuck a bridesmaid? Don't wear jeans.


Suit FTW.


wedding dress. then when you meet the bride face to face say, "Well THIS is awkward. One of us has to change."


I actually went to a wedding last week. You should wear a suit.

Weddings are fun as hell. Lots of single ladies and family members you rarely see. Not to mention the open bar and the food.


I usually wear black slacks, button up shirt, and a tie. I would pass on the suit jacket because a lot of times it's really hot during the wedding service and you will sweat like a pig.


indoor or outdoor?

I'd go with khakis and dress shirt, but I'm simple like that. Don't own any suits, and can't tie my own tie


dress shoes, dress pants, dress shirt, tie is optional. black socks


Get a nice suit. Not too nice though. You don't want to show up the wedding party.




It's always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

2 or 3 button suit (blue of grey)
Light colored Shirt
Tie (half Windsor)


I always make it a point to be the best dressed.


Never use a half Windsor, it makes you look like a little kid that did his own tie to anyone that knows better.


In the words of James Bond, windsors are for cads. Try a Plattsburg or an Oriental knot. The Plattsburg is a wide knot, similar to a Windsor, but is much narrower under the knot than a windsor. The Oriental knot is the simplest one to tie since it has the least moves. They look great with a narrow-spread collar and should appear asymmetrical, whereas the Plattsburg is symmetrical. If you want to look classy and you want to look like you know a thing or two about how a man should dress for these occasions, go with the Oriental or the Plattsburg. If you want to look like Merril fucking Hoge on NFL Live, wear a Windsor.




What time is this wedding? Reception?

Well, if you have the money, suit for the wedding and tux for reception. If you don't, stick with a tux. If it is black tie, go with the normal black jacket, slacks, shoes, socks, bow tie, with white shirt. Or you can go with a solid black tie and vest.

There are too many type of events to tell you what to wear to each.

If you decide to go with a suit, stick to dark colors after 6 p.m. or dark. Before you can wear light colors.

Light gray, blue, brown, &c. for the day, and dark blue, gray, black for the evening.

Keep socks, tie, and pocket square the same color, make sure the socks are darker than the suit and lighter than the shoes, if you are going to contrast colors, like an orange and a blue don't need to follow this rule...just make sure the shade is close to the same. Wear cuff links. Make sure your shoes are polished and shined. If you can wear a three piece suit and three button jacket, do it.


Weddiings always suit unless specifically stated otherwise (like beach wedding, etc.)

The only alternative to a suit, very, very minimum, is khakis and navy colored suitcoat coat, shirt/tie


My cousin got married last weekend and a lot of the younger guys did not wear suit coats, just suit pants, shirt, tie. I don't know if it was b/c the wedding was outside or not, but to me, they looked incomplete. A suit should have a coat, you can always take it off at the reception. The ceremony is the formal part, after that, do what you want. Women almost always bring a comfy pair of dress shoes, some other kind of comfy flat shoe, flip flops or go barefoot after the ceremony, don't see why men can't do the same.