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Proper Aromasin Dosage?


I just started this cycle:

wks 1-10: Test E, 250mg eod
Wks 1-10: Masteron, 50mg ed
Wks 3-7: D-bol, 50mg ed
wks 1-12: hcg, 250ius e3d

Standard 40/40/20/20 nolva pct

I was going to do 10mg of aromasin eod. Is this sufficient?




Google the half life, take it as the half life points out. Also-Ive never seen it dosed at 10mg. Its dosed at 25mg and most start off with half that.


I think in the UK you can get pills at 20mg so there are def. People out there taking 10mg doses...

The half life for aromasin is 24hrs so technically it should be taken everyday. But there are those who take it eod with no problems. Hell there's people who can take the cycle your on with no AI and be fine. IMO and I'm no expert but AI's are a must when on gear to have just in case but you can let your body dictate the dosage. If you take 10mg eod and you don't experience symptoms of excessive estrogen then stick with it, if while on 10mg eod your nipples start getting tender and your not happy with the amount of waterweight you're putting on then bump it up to daily doses.


I wouldn't use Aromasin on-cycle. It is best used in combo with Nolva for PCT. I would use Armidex instead because it is great for cutting estrogen in half. Start with .5mg/EOD and then move up to 1mg/ED if needbe. This way you aren't crushing the estrogen in you body and raising natural testosterone production needlessly like aromasin would.

Letro is the strongest AI of all, but that should only be used if the Arimidex isn't enough on-cyle. Since you are using test and dbol, you may have this problem and will need to switch to Letro. You can always use just a small dose of Letro (.5mg/ED) and it will go a long way!