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Proper Amount of Calories

My diet is below, I’ve been told I need to increase my calories in order to drop more weight. I’ve lost about 25-30lbs since Jan. Any advise/opinion is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Current diet is in the 2500 cal range, 375g pro, 200g carbs, 40g fat

37 year old male
6’2" 250lb
22-24% body fat, 41" waist, 50" chest, 18" arms
Lifted weights for 10 years, serious for 2
1 rep max - Squat 405, DL 455, Bench 335
Usually squat and bench 2x per week, with back and shoulders on separate days, don’t lift arms due to nagging tendonitis, one day rest. Cardio consists of walking on a 12-24% incline 5-6 hours per week.

Have you been dieting straight since Jan? If so, then a diet break might help. Try to eat around maintenance for a full week or two, to fully reset hormones and such. Keep eating some carbs. A little more fat in the diet wouldn’t kill you.

After that you can go back to dieting with a regular caloric deficit.

I just started dieting with those splits last week. I’m been told various things as far as spiking my carbs and increasing fat. For instance today my calories will be in the 2800 range, 400g pro, 95g carbs, & 100g fat. I’m just trying to continue to lose weight. Appreciate any insight given.