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Proper Age for Creatine Use?

i searched for this and found nothing…

i was at gnc with a friend yesterday talking about my new protein powder that i bought that had creatine in it, and some fool eavesdropped hardcore and asked how old we were…i told him i was 16 and he promptly told me i should not be taking creatine. i answered that i thought it occured naturally in the body and supplementing with it was not harmful…he disregarged this and stuck sternly with his idea that 16 year olds absolutely should not be supplementing with creatine, but provided no reason as to why it was harmful. so is there any reason why i should not be taking creatine?

side note: dont get me wrong, im not one of these guys that think a supplement will magically pack on muscle…i eat very well and i just wanted to try a whey powder containing creatine for post-workout nutrition

thanks in advance


Stupid people are funny. Figures it was at GNC.

Keep taking with no doubts. They’ve supplemented -babies- with creatine with no harmful effects.

Edit: “? Creatine in safe for kids. They eat meat and fish after all, which naturally contain creatine. Studies have even been done on infants (4-8g per day) with “inborn error of creatine metabolism.” There were no adverse effects.”

-A T-Nation article a few weeks ago.