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Gatorade has come out with a new (flavored) water they call “propel”. It tastes decent enough with a few flavors to choose from (orange/berry/black cherry/lemon),also quite low in sugars with 2 grams per serving. And there are even a few vitamins thrown in for good measure. My question is this: Should I be concerned with the 2 grams of sugar per serving? Will it mess with my metabolism? Do the trace amounts of vitamins really make that much of a difference overall? Is it really worth it?
Thanks for your input and I look forward to hearing from all on this…

It’s a total scam. The crap is worthless.

how is it a scam. if you can afford it and it allows you to stay hydrated, it may well be worth the money. i hate water, mainly because our water here isnt the highest quality. if i could afford it, i would definitely buy some.

It’s a scam because it does nothing more than water but costs ways more. It’s also a scam because Gatorade touts it (at least implicitly) as a performance enhancer, which it’s not.

dude you’re concerned about 2 g of sugar messin up your metabolism? i really wouldn’t sweat it unless you’re on an ultra-strict plan

Uh, I prefer good old reliable water - but what about that new Gatorade commercial? It gets my toes a tapping!

Don’t use it if Vince Carter is in the commercial…that guy stinks.