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Propectin will Flush Out Radiation?

There is a apparent new product to hit the market that claims to help the Japan victims

What bothers me is this video: http://youtu.be/vUv5aATKdLc

I looked up Dr. Michael Nobel, who I think is on the Medical Advisory Board
for Jeunesse Global, or Propectin.com

His name is Noble but I am not sure if he is even a Medical Doctor, or actually has anything to do with the Noble Prize?

I know there are many people on here that are very knowledgeable and may have even heard of Propectin. They are claiming it to be a breakthru discovery. I think pectin products have been around since the Apple Tree & would like to hear your feedback/review of this “New Discovery”



Lol I wouldn’t trust someone based on their last name.

Doesn’t Zeolite do the exact same thing? It was used for the victims of Chernobyl.