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Has anybody heard of potential anabolic effects of Propecia? The theory is that since it blocks DHT conversion it may have an overall positive effect on “good Testosterone” - sounds fishy but possible…

I’m fairly sure that finasteride (i.e., Propecia) doesn’t have any anabolic effects. For instance, although finasteride use will raise serum T levels some 10-15%, there generally isn’t a coincident increase in free T levels (the important measure for purposes of this discussion). Further, DHT is itself a potent anti-estrogen – thus making gyno a more likely possibility if doing a cycle of aromatizing gear while using finasteride – and some have argued it’s a potent androgen as well. Thus, using finasteride may in fact have negative consequences for some weightlifters. Finally, there are unconfirmed, anecdotal reports of people who have done cycles of gear while on finasteride and have experienced no strength or mass gains whatsoever. (My take? I’ve been on Propecia for over two years and have seen an extraordinary amount of hair regrowth with no negative effects on my “non-enhanced” training. Further, I’ve done two – soon to be three – heavy cycles of transdermal and intranasal 4-AD and have seen very good gains with no gyno at all. Consequently, while I do believe that Propecia doesn’t have any anabolic effects, I also don’t believe it’s as bad for weightlifters as some have made it out to be.)