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Propecia While on TRT

I thought I’d share this. I recently started TRT again. Took some blood tests and the liver enzymes are elevated. Internist had me see a specialist as she didn’t understand why.

At first the specialist said shouldn’t be a big deal…and it couldn’t be the T because I took the tests before beginning the T.

I get a call today from my internist and she says says they’re now in agreement that it’s the finasteride (Propecia) I’ve been taking. And she says she’s seen numerous patients with elevated enzyme levels and many many times it’s due to Propecia.

Now I need to stop what’s been keeping my hair from further loss…and that…sucks.

Beats getting PFS like me which led me to TRT. Get off it and hope it hasn’t been the cause of your issues

I’d agree, drop it

I’ve been doing some reading about a cream of either propecia or avodart that some docs are having compounded now. I’d personally say stay away from the stuff altogether, but if you’re going to take it anyways, look into a cream version. My understanding is it will reduce DHT in your scalp really well while not having as much of an impact throughout the rest of your body, hopefully reducing the chances of PFS.

Trust me… the minute your dick is numb you won’t care much about having hair or not

How elevated?

I read somewhere that serious elevations are approx 5 times normal?

The dr asked me if I have any nausea or pain in my abdomen and I said no to both. I actually feel pretty good. And even better since recently starting T again.
The past year or so my diet has been crappy… lots of pizza em fast food. I’ve recently started to turn that around.

I cringe whenever I see a thread title with Propecia in it. Get off it because it can do more than just elevate your liver enzymes according to the long term studies.

Do you work out? If so how frequently? How much time was there between your last workout and your blood draw?

I haven’t worked out for the past just over 1 year. And in that time I was eating horribly. Junk food. Fast foods. Was a bad time. And gained weight. So 1 year.

Normal workout is 3-5 times per week. About 2 hrs in the gym. I’m not a body builder. But was always in good shape. And running or walking various trails each week as well. Slim, solid and strong.

Since I’ve gained weight this past year…is when the tests started showing the elevated liver enzymes. Can gaining weight do that? Could it be fatty liver?

Now I’m back on schedule. I always had a simple healthy diet when I worked out.

Back to oatmeal every morning with blueberries.
About a 1/4 cup coffee.
Vitamin d and a few other supplements.
White chicken breast cooked with olive oil.
Vegetables twice a day.
And either a basket of blackberries or more blueberries later in the day.
And my T injection once a week at 100ml.

My cholesterol never went above 116 when I was on that regimen. And I looked younger than I was. I felt amazingly good everyday.

So that’s what I’m going after again. I let myself go this past year and that was stupid. I need lose lose like 13pds.

Propecia is no joke! In my early 20’s I started balding…went to the doctor and walked out with Propecia!

6 months later my sex drive was gone, dick limp, was bitchy, etc. Not a good combo for a 22 year old in college.

Didn’t regrow any hair…quit the Propecia…and took another 6 months to get back to normal! No thanks!

just take topical dutasteride, it doesn’t go systemic.
kills scalp DHT, no sides on vast majority
Best part: Once a week. 2ml.