Propecia side effects

I have a question for any one with hair loss who has used Propecia. Have you noticed any negative side effects, increased bf%, sexual,etc?

nope. none whatsoever. clown felt a little funny about 3-months into it but that goes away. good drug for it’s purpose. highly recommend.

At first I thought it affected my sex drive. But then I realized that it was my natural levels just going up and down as usual.

I’m three months into it, and eagerly awaiting results. I’ll let you know in a few more months.

Been using 1/4 tabs of Proscar for over 3 months. Have seen no side effect what so ever, and superb results.

has anyone seen noticeable regrowth or just the sucession of hair loss

I have used proscar at 1.25mg/day and it killed
my libido.When i stopped libido came back.I noticed that it halted hair loss about 65% but also noticed loss of muscle growth or that pump
feeling when working out.Dutasteride is still
being worked on.This blocks dht through 5-ar type 1&2.Do a search on dutasteride.

Negative side effects will vary greatly by individual. The official literature states that, if you were to experience negative side effects, there is a good chance they’d subside over time. As for finasteride’s success in treating hair loss, this will also vary by individual. Some guys see regrowth and a complete stopage of hair loss, others simply see a slowing of loss. Officially, finasteride has only been shown to affect hair on the crown portion of the head. However, many have also found that it retards frontal loss. Again, this will probably vary greatly by individual.