Propecia on 1st Cycle


I am 23 years old currently in my 5th week of first AAS cycle as follows:

week 1-12 test e 300mg
week 6-12 anavar 50mg

I have MPB and have been shedding hair since I was 18. I decided to start propecia 1mg/day recently.

My question is, does propecia effect muscle gains and performance in the gym? Does DHT have any effect on strength and muscle gains? Looking forward to hearing from y’all.

No it does not effect muscle growth your dick just quites working if you take it for too long.
You should google side effects of propecia it will scare the shit out of you.

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So lower DHT doesn’t effect muscle mass and fat loss?

Did you read the part he wrote about how it makes your dick not work anymore? All the gains in the world aren’t worth it if you can’t get an erection at age 23. Seriously, look into PFS and see what those guys would be willing to trade to have their lives back. They’d happily give up their hair in exchange for a functioning sex life.


Side effects are rare and happen to >1 percent ppl who take it bro. If you look up side effects of aspirin that would scare you too. I was just wondering how DHT plays a role in muscle building and fat loss and how it’ll effect my cycle

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DHT is gonna be the least of your concerns. You should really take the advice that is being given.

But best of luck to you! And your penis

1% chance your dick never works again because of it vs 100% chance it works fine without it. That’s an asymmetric distribution of risk. While a 1% chance of bad side effects is indeed low, the magnitude of the side effects is much higher. You’re going to lose your hair eventually. That’s what MPB is. So that’s a certainty at some point. But what isn’t likey is loss of sexual function because of baldness. But loss of sexual function in order to forestall said baldness is in fact possible. So what are you getting in return for the risk you’re taking? If you think it’s harder to get girls when you’re bald then you ought to try doing it when you don’t have a working dick. I would bet all the money in my wallet that one of those things is a dealbreaker.

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Further more I’m guessing the OP is quoting the north western study of 1.4% that was 167 out of 11,909 men and that wasn’t just ED that study was for PED that’s prolonged erectile dysfunction. That’s lasted a median of 1,348 days.

Your taking a study for prolonged ED and basing your decision to Move forward around it. Maybe it’s better for society for you to not have working dick.

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well I guess I’ll just throw away the propecia I got yesterday lol. I appreciate y’all giving good advice.

What about nizoral shampoo though? If i get the 2 or 5% ketoconazole prescription shampoo along with rogaine, would that help stop hairloss on cycle?

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Your making a smart move bro. It sucks to trash something you have already paid for but your savings in the long run are priceless.

To answer your question I don’t think nizoral shampoo is going to help hair loss to much. My understanding is it’s more for thinning and dandruff. As for rogaine I know absolutely nothing aside from can be found on Google which I’m sure you already know.

Ok let’s get to the facts. You have MPB and you have been losing hair sense your teens. So the plan is damage control you need to prolong the inevitable. Your first step is not using drugs like anavar that is a DHT derivative stay away from any DHT derivative. (anavar, winstrol, masteron) to name a few. Yes testosterone has dht conversion but it’s not as severe as using one of those.

This brings me to my next point. You know gear can cause early hairloss so what’s more important to you? Sweet sweet bulging drug enhanced muscles or the hair? If the hair was that big of a deal you wouldn’t be running gear so I’m gonna assume giving up AAS isn’t an option. So the quicker you come to terms with losing the locks the easier it’s gonna be in the long run. If. I were in your situation I’d do what I could to hold onto them without exasperating any more then necessary (no dht derivatives) use hair products and treatments that won’t risk your man hood then when it starts to look silly up there shave the nugget bald! Idk anything about hair transplant maybe that’s an option?

Just my 2¢

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Well you simplified everything for me. I watched this video on youtube from a guy named Seth Spartan who seems pretty legit and knowledgeable about AAS, and he was pretty confident that a high concentration ketaconazole shampoo will stop MPB (but won’t regrow hair). I’ve been using rogaine for 2 years so I have a thick head of hair but i’m scared of stopping and losing all that hair. Finastride is out of question for me now tho as you said.

I’m graduating college in a month and after that I’m just gonna say fuck it and buzz it all off haha

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It works to bind to the DHT in hair follicles to a certain degree. It isn’t a guarantee that it’ll help, but it’s shampoo, so what’s the worst that could happen by using it? I’ve used it before even though I don’t lose my hair and it helped a little bit with minor shedding from using Anavar.

did u just use 1% over the counter nizoral?

If 1% is the otc that is sold then yes, that’s what I used.

I don’t believe in the horror stories of Finasteride one bit. More than likely the issue is psychological. Some guys are just mentally weak when it comes to performing. Finasteride is more than likely just something else to blame for their mental shortcomings as a man.

I’ve been on Finasteride for years now and my dick still stays hard. Just as much as it did before I started taking it. Not more, not less.

P.S. I have a beautiful hairline as well.


Did it effect your gains at all? And did you have low energy and feel off in day to day life?

I feel same on finesteride/propecia whether I’m on or off, dick works fine too

“Those guys are weak and their experiences are bullshit”

“My experience is great, trust me”

Same person.


If you think the drug will fuck with your dick then don’t take it. Because if you make yourself believe that it is fucking with your dick then it will.

But if you can think obejctively and not take every Internet scare seriously then give it a try. Don’t let online doctors here scare you because of something they read on web.

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Also, my brother takes the drug as well. For 18 years, mind you. Second daughter on the way, so no issues there.

And yeah, full head of hair.