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Propecia+Mag-10 usage

Will taking Propecia effect results of a Mag-10 cycle?

Yes! You will grow new hair cells. Mag-10 is really quite extraordinary in this regard. Penile enlargements have also been reported along with increase in posting of ridiculous questions…

Thanks for answering my question you punk ass dick. The reason I asked was that it has been said that Deca and Propecia do not mix well, it makes Deca very hard on the hair line and wanted to know if the same would be true with Mag-10? Bottom line I wanted to know if Propecia would make Mag-10 uncharacteristic hard on your hair, or would Propecia the way it works (5 AR conversion)lessen the gains one could expect from its use. Thank You.

I thought that was a reasonable question! I’ve never seen anything other than deca that this applies to though. I continued to use propecia throughout my Mag-10 cycles, without any apparent effects. That said, I’m not convinced that 1AE is completely innocent, more that since a cycle is only 2 weeks it doesn’t do much/any damage. I have no scientific backing for that, only that I’ve noticed an itchy scalp sometimes that made me wonder. At that point I add in a topical agent as well just as a precaution. Hope this helps.

5alpha reductase has no effect on androst-1-ene, so Proscar or Propecia will make no difference.

Nor does it have an effect on 4-AD. It does
have an effect on testosterone of course, but free testosterone levels remain unchanged while on MAG-10 (the amount produced by conversion of 4-AD must be about equal to the loss of production due to inhibition.)

It’s not that MAG-10 has no effects on hair loss. Rather what I said was that it has no DHT effects on hair loss. DHT via metabolism to 5alpha-androstanediol has a specfically
adverse effect. The 4-AD component probably has no effect on the hair (none has been reported with Androsol.) The A1-E component probably is similar to Primobolan. Not “no effect,” but “no DHT effect.”

Although it’s unproven, my suspicion strongly is (to the point of belief really) that an itchy scalp is indicative of having some adverse effect on male pattern baldness. That
can happen with Primo (generally considered “mild” but still some effect) so it’s not surprising if it can occur with MAG-10 for some people. Hope all goes well!