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Propecia/Finestirdide for Hair Loss


Ive been taking this for about a year and it made a huge difference in hair loss. You wouldnt be able to tell im balding, but I recently read an article in mens health about two guys claiming it permanently affected their sex drive.
I am yet to experience any killing of my libido or anything, ive always had a high sex drive, but this drug worries me.
My dermatologist at the time said the amount of people who expierence this is 1% and its reversible.
Any of you guys have expierence with this?

Ill dig up an article that was written here on T-Nation.


Finasteride gave me the worst side effects. Low sex-drive, extreme moodiness, and sensitive nips. Stopped immediately and I was back to normal in a couple days.

Personally I'd go with something topical. Nizoral 2% shampoo is a good start - it blocks DHT to the scalp and reduces inflammation at the hair follicle. I use it twice a week and it has completely stopped my hair from shedding. I've never tried spironolactone or minoxidil but I've heard good things.


I'd go with a razor.


I also use Nizoral, and romaine which I think is minoxidil. I don't know what spironolactaone is, but Ill check it out.
I am yet to feel moodiness or sensitive nipples, and I still have a high sex drive I think, but Im researching it more because if its a drug that can permanently fuck my body up, Ill stop taking it.


Spironolactone is a blood pressure medicine that is also an anti androgen. It not only blocks, it also reduces testosterone levels. It makes no sense why you would worry about a little finesteride but take that instead. Especially when reducing DHT levels is going to have the greatest effect on hair loss.

I think the finesteride horror stories are overblown. I haven't been able to find an explanation as to why people would be suffering permanent dysfunction upon discontinuation. Unless SHBG levels don't go back down in response to increased DHT. Probably the people who are having problems were older, going through andropause, had some arteriosclerosis and reducing DHT was the final straw that made their low testosterone levels obvious.


You use it topically.


I don't plan to use propecia forever. Im only 23, I figure 3 or 4 more years and Ill stop. Every drug probably has its horror story, and Im normally not scared, but if its gonna affect the sex drive, its not worth it.

Spironolactone topically, along with minoxidil? If it doesn't reduce testosterone Ill check it out


This is interesting - I've always heard about it for dandruff.

Does it seem to help with ALL thinning? I know minox. is only for "crown" balding?

My hair is only barely starting to thin, but it's freaks me out.

I'll give this a shot. Any other stuff?