Propecia - Dht Deprevation, Testicular Changes


What have you seen for LH/FSH numbers?

Sorry this is not mental I can not gain ANY musce. My SHBG is over range and my free T is now under range. I have 0 morning wood and my facial hair grows very very slow. I am also no longer baldiing and I was balding very quickly before I took the drug propecia. Hair was in my sink, on my pillow and clogging up my drains. Now my hair loss has totally halted.

Depression is usually a physoligical disease too. It can be caused by many things such as heavy metal poisioning, lack of nutrients, hormonal problems etc. So depression is more of a symptom than anything.

And no my muscle loss started after I crashed on the drug first it was total inability to gain muscle and a slow loss of muslce over the years with 0 ability to gain it back.

both FSH and LH are mid range.

Any updates Vincent? I was on Propecia for 5 years and now my life is hell

Im about to possibly give TRT a go

No updates but I dont think its related to testicles as I am pretty sure there is a guy with no testicles who has PFS.

I doubt trt will help. You can add me to facebook if you like?