Propecia Alternative?

My first question is going to be this. I have been on propecia for 4 months to prevent a possible receding hairline i noticed slightly. I know better than to run propecia with deca. If i decide to use deca in this stack how long should i wait before doing it? i could not find any information on how long propecia will stay in my system and cause the reverse effect.

Deca one cc every week
test one cc first two weeks
week 3 and 4 2 and a half ccs of test
Week 5 and 6 3 ccs.
Week 7 and 8 2 and a half ccs.
Week 9 and 10 1 cc.

I am not looking for advice on weather or not to pyramid this stack, but rather if there is anything i can do to help combat possible hairloss. If deca is unneeded i just wanted to run test and propecia. My budy swears by deca to get hard gains. Also does anyone know the truth of running propecia with primo?

Yes, the libdo suppressive effects of Deca, plus the DHT inhibition of propecia could be an issue. Might be wise to avoid concurrent use – although your test dose is reasonable (depending on the concentration) and you havn’t had any problems so far???

i don’t remeber the half life of Propecia / finesteride, wouldnt be hard to find with a google seach though.

Your best hair loss prevention will probably come from an AI. The good Dr Houser proposes that hair loss is simular to that of prostate growth. The interaction between SHBG, e2 and IGF-1 on the membrane surface creates more DHT receptors allowing it to do its ‘damage’. And i’d have to say im inclined to agree with him.

Would explain why the rate of hair loss increases with age; increasing e2, decreasing test and as a result serum DHT (not sure about the scalp).

So keeping estrogen in check might be more effective for preventing hair loss, at the same time not comprimising your gains (as much) or increasing your chances of gyno etc.

I would personally use Nizoral,and an AI.

This is my first injection cycle, i have done oral cycles before in the past before my acl injury. it took me 2 years to get back up to 210 so i could finaly do this, i think i am going to shelf the deca untill the next time and do a test only cycle with propecia.