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Propagate Ignorance Whenever Possible

This one really had me fuming. I’m in the gym on tuesday, having just finished my pre-workout warmup cardio and was in the middle of stretching for a vert push/pull day when a local meathead comes walking into the stretching area with his GF and another buddy. I can tell instantly that the two are having a ‘spat’, at the gym no less. While patiently stretching, I sit there and listen to them argue. Turns out the problem is that Meathead doesn’t want his GF working out with him. Of course, he can’t come out and admit this, so he has to make up all sorts of excuses for her, as he is of course an ‘expert’. So naturally he explains how their workout wouldn’t be good for her at all because it’s a ‘strength’ workout, and that the sets, reps and exercises would have to be altered because she’s female. By this time I’m mashing my teeth and spittin’ mad like a rabid dog. I managed to refrain myself, although I verymuch wanted to destroy his ‘argument’, and left the area grumbling. Anyhow… maybe this should’ve gone in Off-Topic, but I had to share.

Ike: since you live in Corvallis, you’re training at one of three places: 24Hour, Corvallis Fitness Center (Club?), or Golds Gym (formerly Downings Gym). Right? I’m really hoping this wasn’t taking place in Golds, cuz, Pat Downing runs a cool operation and good BB’ers (men and women) come out of that gym. But wait, you probably train in the University’s gym?

No matter what: get me in there and I'll show that guy a thing or two on how "girls train". hee hee

You certainly -do- know your stuff! I am in fact working out at Gold’s. And yes, I absolutely love the gym. The best I’ve ever personally been to. I would also definitely agree that many good BBs come out of the gym, and O-Lifters as well. Meathead just snuck through the cracks I think, it happens. I personally avoid Dixon (the University gym) like the plague. It’s a joke down there, really. Regarding Pat: He’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. What a great guy! He trained my brother in the O-Lifts last year. Hell, I should be doing that as well. What a cool guy he is, but don’t get me started. Heck, I had been at his gym only a couple months, and I went up to Seattle to watch him and Nick (Varga, I dunno if you know him? He works there) compete at the Emerald. As for training, yes… come down and start deadlifting heavy, and watch everyone freak out. :wink: That, or some singles in the O-Lifts, perhaps?

Maybe what Ko and I should do then is plan on meeting you there for a session? Pat knows us and invites us to train at his gym all the time! Would be kewl!

cue Twilight Zone music Okay, thinks are getting freaky now… Hell yeah you should come down sometime! When’s the last time you were down here? I worked out at Gold’s all last year as well, but I wasn’t really on the forum or anything, so I don’t know if I would’ve recognized you. Although, I do think you two would probably stand out (In a good, buff sort of way. :slight_smile:

You should have sauntered up the her and said… “I’ll help you workout.”

Ko is in Corvallis every other week - so, he won’t be there next week, but the following. I can only be there if I have a Monday off, or if it’s a holiday. So, the next holiday that I have off, we just may head on down for some training fun!

Hey, just drop me a line when you get a free day and we’ll make it happen. Monday’s are excellent for me, actually, as I have only 2 classes on M/W/F. Very cool indeed.

What gym to you train at in Portland? I’m in town occasionally and would like to know a good one to get a workout in.

Jennifer: depends on what you mean by “good” gym. We train at the 24Hour Fitness in the Pearl District. It’s a old warehouse, it’s HUGE. We’d like to switch to a different gym, but admit we’ve been spoiled. There’s several bench press “stations”, lots of free weights, and several squat racks and a powerlifting platform complete with bumper plates. All these “toys” allows us to ignore such annoyances as Idiotic trainers and their trainees.

And it use to be Golds Gym. That where we be.