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I am going to be starting my first cycle soon. I am stuck between 2 choices. I was thinking or running

12 weeks
test ethn 500mg/week
d-bol 30mg ed
adex starting with .5 eod adjust to needed
pct clomid two weeks after
Day 1 - 300 mg
Day 2-11 - 100 mg/day
Day 12-21 - 50 mg day


8 weeks
prop at 50-60mg ed
adex starting with .5 eod adjust to needed
and PCT 3 days after
Day 1 - 300 mg
Day 2-11 - 100 mg/day
Day 12-21 - 50 mg day

which would do me better?



Is there a reason why you would choice prop for the entire cycle.... are you being tested?

Enantate will be less pokes.

The best is to start with prop and enantate for the first week, then the middle weeks just enantate and end the last two weeks just with prop. This way the exogenous test clears your system faster, allowing for a quicker recovery.


No testing. Just wantd opinions, I know I would get less bloating off just prop.

So you are saying screw the d-dol and frontlad with the prop?

what dosages would you suggest?

and if i did that is it ok to go the 12 weeks?



how long of a cycle do you plan to run?


I would like to run for 12 weeks , But Have been told with prop only that you should not go over 8 weeks.


Run the first one. That's a decent first cycle and you'll make significant gains. Frontload the test, all else looks right.


i personally wouldnt run the enethate for 12 weeks. when you consider half life, that is at least a 14 week cycle. quite supressive.


aside from it being annoying to inject ed for 12 weeks, why would you not run prop more than 8? Test is test, just different esters and half lives. either way, go 8weeks, whether enth or prop. If you use prop, go 200mg eod.


first off the 2 cycles are totally different. in the first you run 500mg test a week for 12 weeks and d-bol with it. in the second you run just test at 300 to 420 mg a week for 8 weeks. frontload the enth at 1000mg the first week followed by 5 weeks of of 500 mg along with the d-bol. week 7 and 8 go to prop at 75mg ED, ed is much better for blood levels. me personally i would do 75-100mg a day of prop along with 35-50mg of d-bol a day for 3 weeks then take a month off while using clomid and follow that up with 3 more weeks on and 4 weeks off. just my 2 cents.


I would have to agree P-dog after you say that now i realize that it lasts that much longer.And it would be alittle long. I like the Idea of Prop ED for 8 weeks if i did this is there really a need for the d-bol, since the prop is faster acting?


you can run enethate for the first 6 weeks and then finish the last two weeks with prop, so you dont have to inject ed for the first 6 weeks.


obviously you are deciding whether you should buy the prop or the enantate, and now you are questioning whether you need the dbol? look bro, its your cycle and you can go as cheep as you wish. If you can get all 3 drugs go with my initial advise, if you can only use two drugs, then use enantate for the first six weeks. dbol from weeks 4-8. clomid from weeks 9-12. This cycle will start off slow but you'll get really great gains from weeks 3-8. Don't use the prop by itself. Its uses are only good for front loading and ending a cycle or if you are being tested. It's just too much money per mg, and won't give you the kind of results (in my opinion) that enantate will give.


"If you can get all 3 drugs go with my initial advise"

I wasnt sure if you were including dbol in with you first suggestion since you didnt metion it. so thats what I was kinda asking.

Sorry I guess I just wasnt making much sense or something.

I am not tring to cheap out. the only way I will do it is right. So I am just seeking some advice to set up my first cycle instead of. with no advice and doing it wrong.

The reason I had dbol on the first cycle was to frontload the enantate since its slower acting, and on the other cycle I figured prop was fast enough that I would not really need the dbol , to what I was understanding am i wrong?