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Prop/Winni Planning..


okay, couple things.. this would be my second cycle under my belt (ran 10 weeks of Test E at 500mg).. I'm currently 21 years of age, 5'7" 180 16-14%bf (4th day into cutting)

As of now I'm running the E/C stack and feeling pretty good with my diet.. (Macros are - 2019 cals- 62g of fat, 248g of protein - and down to 118g of carbs)

I have no intention of increasing cals if considering to jump on another cycle, but would it be worth running 8 weeks of Prop 100mg eod and 4 weeks of Winni at 50mg if I'm remaining at about 2k cals? I could always up my protein




Im not sure what youre asking.

What do you mean "is it worth it" ?


It appears as though hes asking if he can cut and fully utilize the test and winni.

A. It is really important where you are getting these calories. Secondly, i dont think thats enough carbs, id increase the carbs and do more cardio to compensate.

B. What are your specific goals?

C. Personally for lower calorie diets I prefer trenbolone due to its recomposition abilities, but test and winni will cut you up, but id extend the winny to 6 weeks and just stay the hell away from alcohol.


Sorry for un clear guys..

Idealy I want to walk at 8% bodyfat.. I'm changing my diet around to find something that works..

I ended up changing my macros around.. currently at 248g protein, 81 fat, 155 carb, 2266 cals.. My question is while taking in lower and lower cals would it pointless running anything? eventually I'm going to drop down to 180g of protein, 50g of fats, 150g of carbs but I'm taking this cut slow


I think AAS are more valuable for fat loss/muscle retention than for all out bulking (for the average guy). Obviously the guy who wants to walk around at 5'10 260 and lean needs the AAS to get big.

I dont think Id ever attempt a diet without assistance.

With that said, I dont think you should lose much muscle at all with your stats, if you do the diet properly.


if not next week, the week after I plan on cutting down even further (like I said above, 180 protein, 50 fat, 150 carbs)

I guess we're gonna see how it goes, if I need "assistance" then I will consider it further :stuck_out_tongue: