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prop vs. other tests


other than half-life (shooting daily vs. weekly), is test propionate really that different to use in a cycle than say test enanthate or cypionate? i'm running a test/tren/winny cycle and i'm going back and forth about which test to use. my goal is strenth/cutting with minimal bloat. i've always had the impression that propionate got me better cut than enanthate or cypionate did. is there any scientific basis for this?


you probably wont retain as much water with prop. this gives the appearance of leaner gains. in the end test is test.


With propionate you tend to hold less water. It is a fast-acting anabolic widely used for cutting or bulking depending on what you are doing. I disagree with P-dog that test is test. I think that everyone is different, therefore everyone is going to respond differently. For example, I prefer sustanon to enanthate. I find that the prop in the sustanon tends to give "me" an added kick, which I can't say the same for the test enanthate.