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Prop vs Enanthate


Wanted to get everyones opinion on what which ester is better for not giving me a bloated look. I have used Test E before and looked extremely bloated while using it even when taking a-dex with it.

I am currently trying to figure out my next cycle and was thinking about running the Prop for 12 weeks at 600mg pre week ---"3 injections 200mg each" and EQ 400 a week "2 injections 200mg each. Possibly running some Masteron also? I want to stay lean and really cut this cycle.

Last cycle I went from 195 to 230...and i'm currently in my thrid week of pct weighting at 218 or so. All comments welcomed


Wow, I have a bad feeling you will be really sore!! But I stay away from Test E for the same reason, hate the bloat.

I love prop to death, but 3 injections at 200mg a piece would mean 2ml's 3 times a week would be very hard on ur injection sites pain wise.

The most I can handle is 1ml EOD which would mean around 350mg/week. I would recommend doing this amount and adding in ur EQ into this injection and maybe slowly start raising ur prop amount if the pain is ok. So something like this

Day 1: 1 cc Prop 1 cc Eq
Day 3: 1 cc Prop
Day 5: 1 cc Prop 1 cc Eq

If the pain is bearbale start upping your Prop amount slowly working towards 2 cc.



The pain is not an issue with me. I've used Prop at 1.4cc EOD totaling about 400 to 500mg per week, with not issues at all. Note that was only for two weeks and I was only injecting into my quads. I can say that the prop I got ahold of was some wonderful stuff.

Thats why I thinking about running this cycle. But my concern is someone stated that Prop is hard for the body to dissove at higher doses....? I think it was Bushy? but I'm not totally sure. If anyone else has input it would be much appreciated.


Well sounds a lot like what I'm doing too.

I'm using both Prop and Test E on my cycle and have found that the pain is not too bad either. Also using EQ during the cycle, but instead of Masteron, using D-Bol.

I also inject into quads only. I think I have issues from when I was a baby because I can't stand glute shots.

600mg/week is not an unreasonably high dose for the body to dissolve, IMO.


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I think it's a common phrase throughout humanity, as we all have issues!



Sustanon will give you same gains with less bloat. You can also take test E and do it with arimidex or proviron. Nolvadex is also an option but you'll hinder your gains with it.


You might be thinking of this that Bushy said:

"You see prop only really comes in 100mg/ml conc and this is because the short prop ester is harder to dissolve at higher concentrations than longer esters like enan or cyp."

This he was refering to concentrations in the mix not disolving in the body.


How long are you using the D-bol? and how much EQ are you running?


4 weeks of D-Bol, 30mg ed

Using EQ only 300mg/week since it's my first time trying it. Mainly for the appetite boost effects it's supposed to have.


Prop will give you less bloat. Plain and simple...but you will inject more.



So i've heard. I have also heard that Test is Test and it doesn't matter what Test ester you use you'll still get bloated... can anyone expand on this or get there experience with different test esters???


Many do say that test is test once it gets into the body. I however do think there is less bloat when using prop.

The main thing for me that seems to work is adex and a cleaner diet. The less clean I eat the more bloated I become.


What would propionate give less "bloat" than enanthate? Once metabolized they are both just testosterone, right? I thought the main difference between the two was their half-life in the body? (Please let me know if I'm mistaken.)


What do you consider s clean diet? Less salt, good carbs and lots of h20?


The cleaner the diet the better. More crappy fatty foods, high in sodim and things like that put more fat on as well as more bloat.
Some tend to consume whatever they want for calories during a bulk. Those calories tend to add more bloat as well.


One thing that may be overlooked here is the 3 days a week injection pattern. It is my understanding that prop should be shot eod at least. With only 3 shots per week you will have two days in between injections, causing a big drop in blood levels. IMO a straight eod pattern would be far superior to 3x per weeks. Just my .02.


You actually answered your own question. You experience less bloat with prop because it is in and out of your body that much faster. Whereas after three weeks of enth, you've still some leftover test from those earliest injections hanging around.


Blaze......Not to "nitpick" but why in the world would you sub in Dbol for masteron? Help me out this as I am most interested.

As for prop and enan,

Prop = cleaner gains with more injections.

enan = more fat and water with less injections.

Go with prop if you want some clean gains with test.

My last cycle consisted of my of
Mast/tren/prop . I must say that the gains where anything and everything but sub-par. I was pleased with the results bro.

yours in health,


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