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Prop/Tren/Mast or Test/Tren or Test/Mast

Getting things sorted in my head for an upcoming second cycle. Will be a cutting/look great for summer cycle.

I would love to do a Test/Tren/Mast cycle at 75/50/50 but I think that it might be a bit too much gear for a second cycle. I’m a fan of the less is more concept.

So I was thinking what would be a better way to go, Test/Tren or Test/Mast.

Will probably be doing 2 6 weekers with 4 weeks in between to change things around, as recommended by alteredstate to a few other members.

How about some specs about yourself?

Know a few people on Test/Tren and they are loving it.

My two centavos


I’m 21, 5’10 and just finishing up my stasis period from my first cycle. I’m hovering around 100kg, and should be in the vicinity of 95kg before I start the next one.

My first cycle log is here, a few pages back with a few pictures and videos.

I’d like to see a test/Mast done. :slight_smile:

nice shoe by the way.

[quote]Jlabs wrote:
nice shoe by the way. [/quote]

Thanks, pumps are the shit, they glow in the dark too :slight_smile:

[quote]Thatguy1083 wrote:
I’d like to see a test/Mast done. :)[/quote]

its nothing too special IMO. maybe if one other compound was added it would be worth doing. winny,tren,eq,or decca depending on goals.

Mast,tren,prop all the way bro. I like running halo with mine. Halo is a bit high on the liver tox though. Be careful man.

[quote]Thatguy1083 wrote:
I’d like to see a test/Mast done. :)[/quote]

Me too and log everything. I could see myself taking this with some slight differences up to a contest at some time in my career.


I guess the real question is, is a Prop/Tren/Mast at 75/50/50 daily too much for a second cycle?

Choice between tren and mast largely comes down to your experience with the nor19’s, your willingness to suffer aerobic capacity decrease and many other potential sides but the strength from tren is unequalled. Weigh the benefits and choose. Mast gives a strength boost too

masteron had me squatting 500. Strength was insane from that shit.

Testosterone E and long acting masteron will always be one of my favorite stacks…but for kick you in the ass intense … go with prop/tren/masteron … i have too many issues with tren son i never used it much but it is certainly effective