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Hello everyone, This will be my fourth cycle. My Goal is to gain lean mass and strength and body recomposition.

Week 1-8 Test Prop@ 400 mgs a week
Week 1-6 Tren Acetate@ 300mgs a week
Week 3-5 DBol@ 50mgs a day.
Adex .25 EOD and I also have Proviron
HCG Weeks 2-8
Standard PCT With Novadex/Clomid

Im 6'7 275, bf is 13-14 Rough estimate (Top Abs visible when flexed)

This is a rough draft and can be changed, Also I read a few threads that said Tren Ace and Test prop can be mixed in the same syringe. Is that true?


sounds like a good cycle but I know nothing... Fuck your a big dude!


Sure, by all means use the same syringe. I've used three compounds in a single syringe many times. New needle after drawing, obviously.

Everything else looks fine (injecting ED?). Maybe not exactly the way I'd draw it up for myself, but not too far off, and the differences are mostly a matter of personal preference and the way I respond to things.


Yes, I will be injecting everyday in the morning.


It will always depend on the user but that cycle could likely produce gyno, you have all of the ingredients. But its good that you have the adex, just somthing to keep an eye on IMO. Otherwise yea I have run somthing similar with very nice results. Just trade a D for a T and that was my cycle! so your gains should be better than mine.


I would start the hCG alongside first jab instead of at week 2 by which time you will be suppressed. Thats how I would do it.


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@ Liftin - Yeah I will definitly keep an eye on my nips :). Ive never had puffy or even sensitive nipples b4 so I think i should be fine, Im also aware that it only takes one cycle to really F yourself over and have gyno so i will still watch clearly.

@ BBB- Are you recommending I lower the dosage of Dbol or not use it at all? The reason i said 50 was because my second cycle i started out using 20 mgs a day and didnt really feel an effect. Since so many people have mentioned Dbol to be a "Feel" steroid i upped it to 50 mgs where i began to notice strength gains and pumps almost immediatly.


Is the elevation of oestrogen through the use of hCG really that high? If you feel it is not worth the risk what would you recommend for a guy with a slow recovery? Obviously other then not using AAS at all.
Is .25mg anastrazole (over-responder to adex) every day sufficient for a 500mg/wk test prop cycle with no other aromatising compounds? With the use of 250iu EOD hCG.

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if he is running the dbol weeks 3-5 and then running prop to week 8 wouldnt that allow time from the elevated estrogen from the dbol to sort of subside?