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Prop test 4 a newbie

This will be my first cycle and i dont know much about it yet, I am not going to start until i am positive i know what i am doing. I have been told to take the shots EOD and to take nolvadex with it. What i wanted to know is how much prop test to take per week, and when i take the nolvadex in the cycle, and any other advice you have. I know i sound like a complete newbie dont worry this will not be the only source of information for me i am starting to read up on everything just wanted experienced peoples’ insight. Thanks

You should start with the stickies. It will answer all of the questions you just asked.

Read a few of the stickied threads. You should be able to answer your own questions, to a degree.

Read the Newbie Thread, Cycle planning, SERM/AI, and the one that says READ BEFORE POSTING