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Prop or Dbol for Starter and Finisher for Test E Cycle

Gonna start my Test E cycle soon. I’d really like to get the most out of it as it will be my first go at this. I’d like to kick start with either dbol or prop 4-5 weeks at the start. I’d also like to finish with either dbol or prop as my levels start to drop when coming off the E. I’ve read so many conflicting things about dbol. Some love it some don’t. Maybe I should just stick with test and go with the prop, not super excited about pinning every day, but I guess it’s a good way to get comfortable with it. I’d also like to avoid titties, and I’ve heard some peoples estrogen go through the roof when introducing dbol with their test cycle. Really just on the fence. Honestly I could just scrap the starter and finisher and just run the test e only all the way through, 250mg e3d.

Got a separate question here that also seems to get disputed constantly on these forums. Should I run an AI from the jump and be consistent with it or should I “keep it on hand” for when I get a whiff of any sides creeping. I think the stickies say to run low dose AI from day one, but I’ve seen many people say the rise in estrogen along with the testosterone is generally ok as long as the side effects don’t start creeping.

I appreciate all your help gents, really excited to get this going.

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LOL, it’s just the more that you read you will find people who seem to be knowledgeable, giving the exact opposite advice. I’ve seen multiple people say “zomg you are crazy if you don’t run your AI from day 1.” I’ve seen it all to many times when researching though prior threads.

The stickies here are completely outdated. They won’t get updated either as nobody can post.

First cycle is test only. There’s a reason for this. One new thing at a time, control side effects, learn how your body reacts to a new stimulus. Don’t complicate things.