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Prop NPP Injections

im doing 100 mg T prop and 120 mg npp eod. the prop is 100 mg ml and the npp is 200 mg per ml. the next day my ass is really sore, not like suspension but close. any suggestions? i was thinking of 2 seperate injects of 3/4 ml per glute or delt. i suspect its the ba content of both thats the problem. any suggestions, a cutter, a man pill, anything is appreciated

i hate to say this, but something like Synthol would help “cut” the injection…otherwise, maybe a different ester, but i’m guessing you’re doing a short cycle, where that might not work.

why 120 npp? just go 100 and 100. that would be a 1 1/2 cc shot.

-just grin and bare it.
-rotate more sites than just glutes and delts.
-heat the oil before injecting in a heating pad, or run it under hot water (heating pad is better).
-take a hot shower before injecting
-inject SLOW, maybe 45-60 seconds per cc
-massage the area after injecting

I second what juice said. Why higher Nandrolone to test?

NPP doesn’t hurt nearly as much as Test Prop.

You should rotate more sites than your glutes and delts with EOD bro. I know it sucks, but you have to for a few reasons. Comfort from taking a longer break for that particular spot, less scar tissue in one particular area, and you may find a spot that can ‘deal’ with it better.

Don’t cut it with synthol!!! is that what you said cyco? shit!!

Triethanolomine works to heighten the PH of the solution, beneficial when the oil is in Depot IM, where the acidity is apparently to blame for the pain. I’ve used Triethanolomine with success at 1% the total volume of the Prop solution. That could prove to be complicated for you though… as sourcing Trethanolomine can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. It’s used to heighten PH in cosmetics and oils.

Synthol? NO.

Some sterile oil? Yeah that could help. So would the other laundry list of advice. BTW I have heard/experianced npp shots are painful at that hight a dose. If you want to feel some real pain try some in your biceps. Then your ass won’t bother you a bit;-) SOrry bro I hope shit works out for you.

Isnt sterile oil all that synthol is?

Nope. I’m pretty sure synthol is a blend of mct oil and some other stuff that is supposed to cause some serious swelling/strecth the facia of the muscle.