Prop/Mast/Dbol Proposal

wk 1-10 600/mg Test Prop
wk 1-10 300/mg Mast Prop
wk 1-10 .25mg Adex EOD
wk 1-4 37.5mg/day Dbol
wk 1-14 Formastanzol 6 pumps 2x day
wk 11-14(4 days after last shot) 40/40/20/20 nolvadex

  1. Can/should I do without the Adex since mast is also a mild AI along with formastanozol being an AI or should i keep the adex?

  2. Should i shoot the prop EOD or ED, from my research i have seen 50/50 split on this pretty much? FYI I did EOD for my last cycle. ED shots for 10 wks seems like alot.

  3. Is my PCT sufficient? Last cycle i felt like I lost more than i Should have. However i fucked up a bit and only got enough nolva for 40/20/20 instead of the 40/40/20/20 or 40/20/20/20

  4. Also i have thought about taking some clen for wks 11-14 bc I have read it to be anti-catabolic so hopefully i could keep more of my gains when i come off cycle. any thoughts? I know there is controversy over this topic but any opinion or personal experiences would be appreciated.

  5. I plan on drawing mast and prop together to inject, especially if i decide to pin ED. Is it pretty easy? has anyone had any difficulties?

My last cycle and first cycle fyi
525 prop/wk for 8 wks
Tbol last 4 wks.
adex .25 eod
nolva 40/20/20

Please help me out vets! Thanks in advance.

  1. many people need less AI when running masteron. So the answer is maybe/propbably. No idea what formawhatever is.

  2. EOD shots isnt that much better than ED shots for ten weeks. If youre worried about that, just use a longer ester. Simple problems tend to have simple solutions.

  3. 4 weeks of a SERM is good. 2 weeks of 40mg is overkill IMO. But retaining gains has more to do with how you adjust your diet and traing as you come off than it does with how much SERM you use. How advanced you are compared to your natural genetic ceiling also factors.

  4. retarded. clen is anti-catabolic in rats. The doses used per kg of the rats’ bodyweight would likely kill some people. Read the actual studies instead of listening to ‘bros’ babble about shit they dont understand.

  5. if youre going to pin ED it would make sense to keep the injection volume as small as possible. Assuming youll be using 8 injection sites, you’d be fine hitting each every 4 days with the volume under 1 ml. But if you decide to combine them, that would be fine too. May actually be beneficial if you experience prop pain.

Thanks bonez.

If I inject ED and with the mast and test together it will be just under 1.3 mL per injection. I plan on doing quad, shoulder, glute, and ventroglute. Is 1.3 mL too much for someone who is about 185lb for the shoulder? I know the other 3 areas should be fine with that.